NYC Metro, 2018

Hi, welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Changyun Yoo (I also go by Chang) and this website is about things I spend most of time on in my life; physics, film photography, etc. As a novice experimental physicist and a PhD student at Univeristy of California Santa Barbara, I'm developing a new type of THz detector based on a semiconductor heterostructure with a goal of achieving better sensitivity for space spectroscopy, particluarly for studies of planetary and cometary atmospheres.

I like film photography because it is slow and puts a constraint on the number of pictures you can take - there are about 24 or 36 shots you can take with one roll of film. Its slowness works well with my slow pace as an amateur photographer and its limitedness allows me to actually take a good look at every shot that I take. Over the years, I learned how to develop and scan at home to avoid extra costs of developing and scanning elsewhere and also to have some freedom in interpreting my negatives for actual images. My photographic goal is to document my everyday life on film from time to time for the rest of my life and put them here.